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The report output

Report menu

The report needs to be prepared or generated before it can be created, downloaded and split by category/rule type onto separate sheet tabs

The process of preparing the report will take a few minutes to complete.

Analysing the report output:

  • Work through selecting one rule tab at a time
  • Check results against ERP and invoice records
  • Determine the cause if any, then select the comment from dropdown in the comment column 'G' that best fits
  • Click the 'Update' button of the 'Comments' group on the Dat Lite ribbon menu to update or add new comments to the database

Any changes to highlight or minimum values must be done before the report is generated

Sample report

Sample Report
Note: The above sample data is fictitious and not intended to represent any known business or organisation 

Managing comments

The default comment selection is broadly based on the rules used to identify the potential duplicate invoices, such as having a different reference or date

The standard list of comments:

  • Invoice Reversed And Reprocessed
  • Duplicate Transaction-Incorrect Amount
  • Duplicate Transaction-Incorrect Doc Date
  • Duplicate Transaction-Incorrect Reference
  • Duplicate Transaction-Incorrect Vendor
  • Not A Duplicate Transaction

Commenting helps to keep a record of items that have been reviewed 

Comment menu

Upload Comments
Use the update button to add or update comments made on the report output. 
After reviewing the results on the first report tab and making your first comments, run the update button, this will update any item that has been extracted by a different rule and regenerate the report, and will save you the effort of rework.