mightymacros Excel Utilities

Excel Utilities

Latest Version 4.5.2

4.5.2: Fixed bugs with Multi-Find and Multi-Filter paste option. Added an additional button to the Multi-Find providing the choice  to either search by a selected range or to search by a select column and eliminated the bug when only one item is added to search list.

Excel Utilities Product Warning

Download mightymacros Excel Utilities:

Download Excel Utilities

Download mightymacros AddIn Installer it makes installation easy when installing .xla and .xlam files

Download Utilities help file:

Download help file

Unblocking the download

Files downloaded from the internet may automatically be blocked for your safety
If this is the case then unzip the zip folder and right click the .xlam or .chm file then tick the Unblock box.

Unblock File

Installing the xlam add-in

1. Open Excel Options


Form the File tab select options from the lower left hand home screen in Excel

2. Excel Options Menu

Trust Center

Select Trust Center

3. Open Trust Center

Trust Center Settings

Select Trust Center Settings

4. Allow access to VBA project object model

Macro Settings

Select any Macro Setting other than to disable all macros without notification. 

5. Select Add-ins under Excel Options

Manage Add-ins

Go to Manage and select Excel add-ins in the drop box and the click Go... button

6. Open Add-in Dialog Box

Add-in dialog

Select the Browse button

7. Paste xlam into Browse Window

Browse Paste

Make sure that Browse Path is C:\Users\[User]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\AddIns

Paste File and click OK button.

Note: If updating an earlier version uncheck the add-in in the add-ins dialog view then click OK to close the dialog, then follow the above steps to reopen the Add-ins dialog and go to the Browse window, paste and replace the old file, then select OK.

8. Add-in Installed

Addin Installed
Select the OK button and close the dialog

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