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Latest Version 4.4.9

4.4.9: The multi-find has a new paste from the clipboard button and the auto-backup reminder method has been revised on multiple forms and hopefully now is more user-friendly. Also included in the update are bug fixes to the multi-find and replace form.

4.4.4: The multi-filter has a new paste option available to add items to the search list box from Windows clipboard. Items must be copied as a single column list. The form settings for Case, Paste, and Filter can now be stored as defaults.

4.4.1:  A new and simpler copy transpose function has been added, as well as a new macro to split table data onto separate sheets based on recurring groups within the column range, it's called 'Create Tabs' and is positioned under the 'Row Tools' menu. This version also includes improvements to the bookmark tool and some bug fixes.

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