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Product information

mightymacros Dat Lite is a free cut down version of Dat add-in and can help to identify uncaptured duplicate invoices before they become duplicate payments.

The tool compares all invoices, both historical and pending against unpaid bills, to produce a split report output for review.

The capture logic is broadly based on the following variable rules:

  1. Different reference
  2. Different document date
  3. Different vendor number
  4. Different amount:

The program is an Excel com add-in, and installs to a default location on the user's local application folder.

C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Local\mightymacros\

The program installs onto Excel's ribbon menu next to the 'Help' menu.

For Installation details, refer to Help with Install.

mightymacros Dat Lite - Ribbon Menu

mightymacros Dat Lite ribbon

Before commencing

  • Confirm that SQL Sever Express LocalDB version is displayed on the top of the setup form
  • SQL Server Express as well as the LocalDB version must be 11.0 or later
  • Confirm that .Net Version is displayed as 4.5 or later
  • Set a minimum amount for highlighting on the output report
  • Set a minimum amount for the report output (helps to reduce noise)
  • Choose a colour for the highlight option
  • Select the option that best fits your business (different logic is applied when suppliers provide multiple invoices with the same date)
  • Upload your vendor listing using the 'Upload' vendor button on the Dat add-in menu. 

General settings


Upload Settings


Upload settings using custom headers


The option is available to set header names, but the column order and data type requirements remain fixed.

Setting custom row headers:

  • Select 'Upload' tab on setup form
  • Start filling in all the custom header name fields
  • Option box: 'Use custom headers' will automatically be checked
  • Click the 'Apply' button to save
  • Note: unchecking the option box will clear custom headers

Conformance to column order and header naming on the top row is required for data uploads. Refer to button help text for default requirements