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About Windows Smartscreen

Windows SmartScreen will probably block our files saying, it has protected your PC. The warning, does not provide you with any real information about the app and whether it is safe or not, it is simply a generic response, warning to you that Windows does not recognised the app.

mightymacros programs are digitally signed


Though mightymacros is a small business, we do make sure that our programs are digitally signed: 

1. To ensure that the software comes from us, the publisher

2. To protect it from alteration

To view the certificate, Open File Properties and on the Digital Signatures Tab, Click ‘Details’ then ‘View Certificate’

Online Anti-Virus Testing And Installation:

If unsure about any file, then test it online with anti-virus and malware checkers before downloading:

If you have tested a file and found it to be safe, you should then be able to proceed with the installation as most anti-virus programs provide the option to allow or unblock a file.

Download URLs for online virus checks:

mightymacros Dat Addin: 


mightymacros Dat Lite: 


mightymacros Excel Utilities: 

mightymacros AddIn Installer:


mightymacros Dat Add-in and Dat add-in variants run only on Windows 8 and 10 computers with Microsoft Office installed on the machine.

To begin the install close Microsoft Excel before running the .exe file. 

An installation of Microsoft SQL Server LocalDb is also required  (Refer below for installation details)

1. Download and save the zip file

Download zip

2. Right click the download file and select Extract All...

Select Extract

3. Unzip and extract the files

Unzip files

4. Double click the .exe file

Select file

5. Select More Info to clear Windows SmartScreen if it did not recognize the app

More Info

6. Select Run anyway to continue

Run Anyway

7. Follow the installer guide to complete the install


8. The program installs onto Excel's ribbon

Excel Ribbon

9. For more information or support

Select the About or Support button on the ribbon menu

SQL Server LocalDB Installation

Download Links for Microsoft SQL Server LocalDB:
(Note: 2019 may not be compatible with old hardware)

1. Download SQL Server Express and select Download Media

SQL Server Install

2. Select LocalDB option to download and run the install package

SQL Server Localdb

3. Open the download folder and double click the .msi package

SQL Server msi

4. Follow the installer guide to complete the install

SQL Server setup

5. Diagnostics


Now check if there is an instance of LocalDB running on your PC.

SQL Server Express LocalDB comes with a command line tool called sqllocaldb.exe.

  • Open the command prompt as an administrator. Press Windows+R keys to open the Run box. Type cmd and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter.
  • For information of the tool at the command prompt type sqllocaldb.exe

  • To check for instances of LocalDB running type sqllocaldb.exe i (i is for instances). 
     C:\WINDOWS\system32>sqllocaldb.exe i
      The output for the instance should be: MSSQLLocalDB

  • If LocalDB is installed and Excel is not responding, then try resetting the instance.
    • Stop the service:  C:\WINDOWS\system32>sqllocaldb.exe p MSSQLLocalDB
    • Delete the service: C:\WINDOWS\system32>sqllocaldb.exe d MSSQLLocalDB
    • Start the service: C:\WINDOWS\system32>sqllocaldb.exe s MSSQLLocalDB

For more information contact mightymacros