Help with install

Please Note:

Anti-virus software may block a file because it is not of high usage. A good anti-virus will at least tell you that a file is safe.

Please also refer to below instructions if the file is blocked by Windows Smart Screen.

If unsure about a file, then test the file online using anti-virus and malware checkers before downloading:

If you have tested a file and found it to be safe, you should then be able to proceed with the installation as most anti-virus programs provide the option to allow or unblock a file.

The direct urls to test and download mightymacros files:

mightymacros Dat Addin:

mightymacros Dat Lite:

mightymacros Excel Utilities:

mightymacros Utilities help file:


Install the package by running the file dat_addin.exe and manually install localDb as needed. For additional help click the 'About' button on the Dat add-in ribbon within MS Excel:

For SQL Server LocalDb  (Refer below for installation details)

.Net version must be above 4.5.0

Download Microsoft SQL Server 2017 LocalDB from: and run the Express setup file: SQLServer2017-SSEI-Expr.exe

Select Download Media

SQL Server Install

Select LocalDB option to download and run install the package

SQL Server Localdb