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mightymacros provides both free as well as paid MS Excel solutions to individuals and organisations that need to automate and reduce their repetitive tasks. We also provide the tools that help turn your MS Excel data into real information at the click of a button. 

So if you require a MS Excel solution:

We're here to help

mightymacros Excel Utilities

Simplifly many repetitive tasks in Excel with this useful set of free tools.

mightymacros AddIn Installer

Automate the installation and update process for installing VBA Excel Add-ins with this free tool.

Automatically Identify Duplicate Invoices with mightymacros Dat Add-in

mightymacros Dat add-in used alongside an existing ERP or accounting system helps to easily identify and captured duplicate invoices before they become duplicate payments. 

Easy to use

Our solution is simple and easy to use. 

Fast Analysis

Quick to process, separate and sort duplicates. 

 Digs Deeper 

Extends the search for duplicate invoices with changes to more than one variable.

Validates and uploads the invoice data from MS Excel to a SQL Server database

Compares invoice history against unpaid bills

Appends suspected duplicates to an output table.

Extracts the duplicate items, then sorts and splits the report data onto separate Excel tabs by duplicate rule