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 About mightymacros

mightymacros Excel Add-ins and Utilities, provides free as well as paid MS Excel solutions to individuals and organisations that need to automate and reduce their repetitive tasks. An Excel solution can help turn MS Excel data into real information at the click of a button. 

mightymacros is the business-hobby of a retired Industrial Engineer. The site contains free MS Excel add-ins and programs written in VBA and .NET. There is no hidden agenda, and your feedback is most welcome.

If you would like to contribute in any way to further develop or enhance the functionality of any of the free Excel tools on this site, then please send your message using the link below:


 mightymacros Excel Utilities

Simplify repetitive tasks in MS Excel with this useful set of free Excel tools.

The latest revision includes the following new tools:
  1. A create sheet tabs macro that is based on column group values.
  2. A create workbook macro based on sheet tab names
  3. A double-click and filter macro.
  4. A count filter macro that displays counts and percentages of column values in descending order.

 mightymacros AddIn Installer

Automate the installation and update process for installing Excel VBA Add-ins with this free Excel tool. The tool eliminates the need of copying and pasting Excel Add-ins to the Add-ins folder. Simply select the file using the installer program to load your VBA Add-in into Excel.

Identify Duplicate Invoices and Payments with mightymacros Dat Add-in

mightymacros Dat add-in used alongside an ERP or accounting system helps to easily capture and detect duplicate invoices. If you are looking for a cost effective accounts payable tool, to run and check for invoice duplicates prior to making payments, then you have come to the right place. 

 Easy to use

The solution is uncomplicated, requiring only a few simple steps in Excel. 

 Fast Analysis

Quick to process, separate and sort results, by simply utilizing the resources on your personal computer.

 Digs Deeper 

Extends the search for duplicate invoices by detecting changes to more than one of the key variables.

  Runs Checks

The program runs validation checks within Excel on the invoice data prior to uploading it to a SQL Server localDB database file.

 SQL Logic

More than 50 SQL queries are utilized to compare invoice history with unpaid bills. 


Suspected duplicate invoices are identified and extracted by rule type to an output table ready for import into Excel.


The invoice records are loaded back into Excel where the duplicate audit report is split and sorted by duplicate rule onto separate Excel tabs.

A new version is available: Audit by date, invoice history...

Download mightymacros Dat Lite