General Overview

mightymacros Dat add-in menu:


The program menu is designed for ease of use, and needs only four button clicks to generate the duplicate report:

Click-1: Upload all new invoices, including open items.

Click-2: Upload open items or bills to be paid.

Click-3: Run the analysis process using 'Prepare'

Click-4: Run 'Create' to output the report

Most ERP systems will not prevent duplicate invoice entries when there is a difference in more than one of the key variables, such as vendor, reference, amount and date.  mightymacros Dat add-in cross-checks all of the key variables, looking for similarities and differences and reports on the items found.

The program compares all invoices, both historical and pending against unpaid bills, to produce a split tab report output in MS Excel that is based on the following variable rules:

  1. Different reference
  2. Different document date
  3. Different vendor number
  4. Different amount
  5. Different currency
  6. Different company
  7. Different document type
  8. Different document number

The sample report output shows the type of information that the tool presents in the report:


 Note: the above sample data is fictitious and is not intended to represent any known business or organization.

 Dat add-in also shows how much is saved over time:

Dat Savings

The vendor stats function extracts a list of duplicates by the vendor including suppliers that have re-occurring invoice duplicates and this helps to detect fraudulent activity.

The 'Show Detail' function on the Stats menu displays the history in detail for a selected vendor.