Cell Tools

Edit Cells: provides a means to locate and insert or delete text within selected cells. There is an undo operation available on the last change, so to be safe have a backup. When inserting a word within text use the space bar when a gap between words is needed. Use the undo function and reinsert if not sure where space should appear.

Tracker: is used for keeping track of position, while working through a list. When activated by double-clicking the cell, the tool will colour the cell and move to the next cell in a designated order and direction. When the copy function is turned on the next selected cell will be copied. 

Hide Cells: is a format function that hides the cell contents of a selected range of cells from view. When the format is applied, values can only be seen within the formula bar. The formula bar can be hidden or unhidden using the form. Right-click on the hidden cells and select format cells to view the custom cell format code.