Row Tools

Remove Blanks: removes blank or empty rows on the selected worksheet.

Insert on Change: separates sheet data when values change within a selected column. For example, applying 'Insert on Change' on a sorted vendor or buyer column will insert a blank row between different buyers or vendors. The blank row height and colour can be preset. Decreasing the row height and colouring the row, makes it appear as a line separating the report data. Run remove blanks to redo row height or colour.

Create Tabs: by selecting a single column with common recurring values, such as buyers or vendors. Create tabs will copy and separate the buyers and vendors onto separate tabs without changing the original worksheet.

Copy Transpose: copies selected sheet data and converts column data to row data and row data to column data and outputs the result onto a new worksheet.

Copy Section: after selecting one or more adjacent cells in a column, 'Copy section' will copy to the right, including the selected cells to the last cells within the selected row(s)

Cut Section: Similar to 'copy section'  but uses cut instead

Paste Section: is a floating paste button which can be used in conjunction with either cut or copy section.