Sheet Tools

Protect: provides the option to protect and unprotect an open workbook and its sheets by using a stored password. The tool also hides or unhides multiple sheets with a single click. Sheets can either be set to hidden or very hidden. A very hidden sheet is not displayed as a hidden sheet using Excels Unhide function on the sheet tab menu. This tool will list any very hidden sheets within a workbook. If the workbook is unprotected, then the sheets can be displayed using this tool.

Navigate: helps to navigate across large spreadsheets and to maintain a visual on selected rows. It works by listing column header names and activating a guide by selecting the desired sheet row cell. The guide comprises two adjustable lines that can be set to a fixed placement or move as required.

Bookmark: creates a table of contents based on sheet-tab names with bookmark-links to each sheet as well as return links. The tool also provides sorting options for the contents list and sheet order.

Selector: displays and lists open workbooks as well as sheet names providing the means to easily navigate between open workbooks and sheets.