Other Tools

Show Duplicates

Show Duplicates: provides case and non-case sensitive search options to find duplicates. Items that are duplicated are highlighted.

All Repeats: finds all repeating values including the duplicates and highlights there cells with an infill colour. When done a form loads containing a list of the repeat values. The list can then be used to navigate and view the repeat items on the worksheet.

Text Tools

Change Case: provides the option to change the case of cell text values to either UPPER, lower or Proper case

Remove Single Quotes: will remove single quotes from within cell text values. It will not remove a single quote used to justify or align text to the left of the cell.

Remove Double Quotes: will remove all double quotes from within cell text values

Insert Text: provides a means to store and format a limited amount of text that can later be used to insert into any worksheet or workbook.

Date Tools

Check if Date: highlights non-date items with a cell infill colour

Convert Date to Text: converts a date format to a text value as 'mmm-yy'

Convert Text to Date: converts a text formatted date from 'mmm-yy' to the 1st of the month.

Convert Text Format to Date: European date formats dd.mm.yy in some regions can be treated as text by Excel. This macro converts this text format to a date.

Convert Date to Week Number: Converts text date format 'yyyymmdd' to a date

Convert Date to Quarter: converts a date to a text week format similar to yy-ww that can be sorted.

Show Weekends: changes the font colour of dates that fall on a weekend to red.

Round Numbers

Round Numbers: rounds decimal places of values in a select range based on the following three options; round, round-down and round-up

Multiple Hyperlinks

Create: enables the conversion of multiple strings of text to be formatted as hyperlinks.

Remove: is useful as it provides a means for the mass removal of hyperlinks on a worksheet and unlike Excels function it does not clear the background colour.

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